Picture: filmstrip with the blue monkey doing different things

Who I am

Hi, my name is Patricia Strunk. I'm the woman behind the monkey. In fall 2007 I took my degree in webdesign and in january 2008 I founded my own webdesign studio “ColouredMonkey”. I'm looking forward to each challenge that comes with a new project!

By the way: Don't wonder, when I don't answer my phone. I work part time as a palace guide in Potsdam. But I'll call you back as soon as possible and you can always send me an email.

I draw and paint since childhood and have exhibited and sold my paintings at different locations in Berlin in Southern Germany. I create my websites quite the same way that I paint my pictures: once I have collected all necessary information, in my head forms a vision of the website and this vision I then convert for the web. This way a individual design develops that never can repeat itself.